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New Alternative to Plastic Caps and Plugs Introduced

Universal "Conduit Covers" Solution Reduces the Cost of Preventing Open Line Contamination

Yucaipa, CA – July 24, 2007 – Moore Industries has launched a unique new product that functions like a universal cap and plug to quickly and easily cover the open ends of all types of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings, and connectors to prevent contamination ingression. Applicable for a variety of industries, the Conduit Cover substantially reduces labor and material expenses by eliminating the time and cost associated with storing, managing, and sizing current protection devices such as plastic caps, plugs or tape.

In contrast to traditional plastic caps and plugs which require an exact fit, Conduit Covers are inherently flexible and fit almost any size of opening. Based on a patented design, the products are heavy duty polyethylene bags with flexible tie straps that easily slip over the open-ends of hoses, lines, pipes, and other sensitive connectors when disconnected or removed from a machine component during the repair or rebuild stage. Users simply install one of the oil and solvent resistant bags over the end of a conduit, then tighten the tie strap securely around the neck.

Conduit Covers are currently offered in four- and six-inch wide versions. The protective covers come packaged in a distinctive slide-seal poly bag that eliminates the need to purchase and manage divider storage boxes. The slide seal packaging bag can be conveniently stored in a service truck, tote tray, or shop.

What customers have found particularly appealing about Conduit Covers is how quickly and easy they are to install. This allows them to reduce the amount of time it takes to properly protect open lines. Equally important, Conduit Covers recyclable products are environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, Conduit Covers can significantly extend the life of valuable machine components by reducing contamination-related wear. These protective covers also contain small amounts of residual oil or liquid that might remain in a hose or line after disassembly, thereby reducing the likelihood of ground contamination.

Moore Industries is already experiencing a growing demand for its Conduit Covers among leading construction equipment dealers and companies employing heavy equipment. Jim Champany, General Service Manager at Hawthorne Machinery, a San Diego Caterpillar dealer, states, "What a great idea! Conduit Covers enabled us to exceed our stringent contamination control requirements and goals. This is one of the best products we have for contamination control due to its ease of use."

Jim Pattschull, Equipment Superintendent for FST Sand and Gravel echoes that sentiment, "Conduit Covers save us considerable time by not having to size a plastic cap or plug to cover a line - just zip it and you're done. I’ve been doing this for 20 years; I haven’t seen anything better or more efficient than these covers. I now just reach for a bag instead of a box full of miscellaneous caps and plugs."

Aside from construction equipment, Conduit Covers can be used on agricultural, aerospace, manufacturing and medical equipment. Moreover, they are an ideal solution for the short-term protection of open lines and electrical connectors in building construction.

Kerry Moore, founder and CEO of Moore Industries, is an experienced heavy equipment manager who spent several years perfecting the unique design of Conduit Covers. "I saw a great deal of time and money being wasted on construction projects while mechanics and other personnel searched for – or had to leave the site to get - the right-sized solution for open lines, connectors and pipes. I knew there had to be better way to handle these situations. I wanted a universal solution that makes economical sense. Our unique, protective covers now offer an easy answer to what was often a frustrating and time-consuming task."

Interested parties can request a free Conduit Covers sampler kit by visiting the company's website, or calling the company's toll free number at 1-800-513-1618.

About Moore Industries

Conduit Covers is a subsidiary of Moore Industries. Founded in 2005 following eight years of product research and development, Conduit Covers provides alternative and innovative solutions to cover and protect the ends of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings and connectors to prevent contamination from dirt, moisture and debris. To learn more about Conduit Covers, visit the companies' website at or call toll-free at 1-800-513-1618.

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Kerry Moore
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