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Conduit Covers Offers Innovative Solutions

Flexible Alternatives for Protecting Against Contamination


Conduit Covers is a subsidiary of Moore Industries.  Founded in 2005 following eight years of product research and development, Conduit Covers provides alternative and innovative solutions to cover and protect the ends of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings and connectors to prevent contamination from dirt, moisture and debris.

The founder recognized that maintenance technicians spent considerable time and effort managing and locating the correct cap or plug to fit the open ends of hoses and lines once they became disconnected or removed.  


Leveraging his equipment maintenance management experience, the founder created a short-term protection product designed to function like a universal cap or plug while providing a high degree of protection and usability.


Years of hard work and testing led to the breakthrough development of  a proprietary polyethylene cover with a built-in tie-strap that provides a high degree of pliability, durability, and protection.  This resulted in the technology being awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent Office.


Great idea - saves me a lot of time, I always have a pocket full of Conduit Covers whenever I disassemble something. They’re very easy to store and take up less space on my trucks. 


Brian Mclavey, Owner, Brian's Equipment Repair


Conduit Covers Mission Statement


Conduit Covers will provide highly adaptable conduit protection products of uncompromised quality that can be effectively used to create value by preventing
contamination ingression and reducing labor expenses.  Governed by integrity, Conduit Covers will maintain the highest degree of trust and credibility through  adherence to honesty, reliability, and dependability.

Proven Products that Work!

Conduit Covers has been delivering products for over a year now.  Through high quality assurance standards and aggressive pursuit of customer satisfaction, the company has established a satisfied customer base and continues to gain new clients who are pleased with the flexibility and cost reductions offered by the Conduit Covers product line.


Applicable for a Variety of Industries


Conduit Covers' unique products are now being successfully used within the construction equipment industry.  However, the innovative and patented solutions offered by Conduit Covers are applicable to a variety of industries.  Those interested in reselling or distributing our products should contact us to explore "win-win" opportunities.


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