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Conduit Covers Industrial Applications

Conduit Covers Products are

Applicable for a Variety of Industries


Often expressed as the universal cap and plug, the Conduit Cover is highly adaptable to all types of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings, and connectors for the purpose of preventing contamination ingression and environmental damage.  Accordingly, the marketplace for Conduit Covers product line is unlimited.


Consider this - any industrial marketplace that uses equipment requiring periodic maintenance or repairs is a prime candidate for Conduit Covers. Secondly, industries that utilize various conduit types for the purpose of building construction would greatly benefit from contamination prevention.  For example, during construction of a building or structure, exposed copper pipes, electrical conduits, or plumbing lines need to be covered and protected prior to project completion. Probable industries are evidenced but not limited to the following:




Building Construction


Construction Equipment






The service and repair phase of valuable agricultural equipment often occurs in the field.  As such, the probability of contamination ingression from dust and debris via an open line is extremely high.  Irrigation systems, another valuable component of the agricultural industry, utilize pipes, valves, and fittings.  Relative to machine components, irrigation systems need to be kept free of harmful debris that would prematurely wear system devices.  Conduit Covers, which quickly adapt to most conduit ends, are an ideal way to fulfill this requirement.




Aircraft maintenance is strictly regulated.  Stringent maintenance requirements are fundamentally based on contamination prevention.  Protection of open hoses, conduits, and electrical connectors during required periodic maintenance and repair intervals are absolutely critical to passenger safety and equipment operation.  Our universal Conduit Covers are a fast, easy solution for satisfying this important need.

Conduit Covers products are also applicable for protecting the ends of a multitude of conduit systems and components during the storage phase.  Moreover, they  function as protection devices for testing and tuning equipment when they themselves undergo maintenance or repair.


Building Construction

The quantity of copper, PVC, galvanized, and steel conduits used in the construction of a building or other structure is quite remarkable.  From the underground irrigation system to electrical wiring, a structure is full of pipes, lines, and tubes.  These conduits need to remain clean during the building phase.

Comparable to other industries, conduits supply or convey energy in the form of water and electricity to vital building components.  Such components might consist of automatic sprinkler heads for fire retardant systems, water pumps, regulators, and volume control devices to name but a few. 


Utilizing Conduit Covers during the construction phase of a building or other kind of structure can greatly reduce contamination during the building phase.

Construction Equipment


In contrast to other industrial applications, construction equipment operates in rugged environments under the most extreme conditions. 


The primary objective of any construction equipment manager or responsible party is to fully maximize the lifecycle of primary components that make up the core operating system of a machine.  This requires a fundamental preventative and predictive maintenance philosophy established around contamination prevention.  During predictive and preventative service intervals, lines and hoses must be protected from the ingression of contaminants.

Core operating systems are engineered with numerous pneumatic, hydraulic, coolant, oil, and electrical conduit lines.  More importantly, equipment manufacturers are designing core system components to be highly efficient. Therefore, tolerances in hydraulic systems, engines, and power transmission components are very close and much more susceptible to contamination related failures than before. 

Contamination prevention is an absolute prerequisite for maximizing the lifespan of expensive machine core systems.  The Conduit Cover product line is a highly valuable tool necessary in achieving maximum component life.



Automated manufacturing and packaging equipment is quite sophisticated and high in value.  Comparable to other industries, manufacturing systems require strict maintenance schedules coupled with contamination prevention to prevent critical downtime of manufacturing lines and sub-systems.


Up-time of manufacturing machines are vital in achieving critical path goals.  Equally important, minimal downtime enables manufacturers to fulfill and exceed rigorous supply chain commitments.  Keeping manufacturing systems clean by using Conduit Covers is an insignificant price to pay compared to an assembly line shutdown.




Today's advanced medical technology utilizes sophisticated equipment for diagnostics and treatment.  Keeping these devices properly tuned and maintained is essential.  Avoiding contamination of critical electrical components and operating devices during maintenance is a must, and what better protection is there to cap open hoses, electrical connectors, pipes and lines than the Conduit Covers' poly-bags?!



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