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Conduit Covers




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Conduit Covers - Product Features

Flexible Alternatives to Plastic Caps and Plugs


Conduit Covers currently offers three versions of the Conduit Covers poly-bag cover:


Conduit Covers offer fast, easy protection against contamination.

4" X 5" Conduit Cover


Stock No# 4M45SB.

►  4 Mil Thickness.


►  Maximum diameter coverage of 2.45 inches.


8" X 8" Conduit Cover


Stock No# 4M88SB.

  4 Mil Thickness.


  Maximum diameter coverage of 5 inches.


12" X 12" Conduit Cover


  Stock No# 4M1212SB


  4 Mil Thickness.


  Maximum diameter coverage of 7.5 inches.



My technicians love these new covers; itís like having a universal cap or plug without the hassles of locating the correct size.  Furthermore, we no longer have to maintain and manage large inventories of caps and plugs. 


Don Saurette, SEMA Construction, Equipment Manager


Minimum Order Quantities


Conduit Covers are distributed in a pack containing 50 poly bags.


Minimum order quantity is six packs (300 poly bags).


Conduit Covers - Features


Proprietary polyethylene blend provides a high degree of pliability, durability, and protection.


Oil and solvent resistant.

Environmentally friendly recyclable product.


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