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Conduit Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Any Questions You May Have


Here you can find the answer to most common questions we receive.  If not, please contact us at 1-800-513-1618 or by email:


Conduit Covers offer fast, easy protection against contamination.


Conduit Covers provide ultimate flexibility!

General Questions

Q: Does the term “Conduit” in Conduit Covers suggest that the products are only suited to electrical conduit use?

A: Absolutely not, "conduit" is a universal definition for a means of transmitting or distributing, or in which something is conveyed such as a liquid or electrical current.  Our products are ideally suited to covering and protecting the ends of all types of conduit products evidenced by but not limited to the following:


• Pipe
• Tubing
• Hose
• Hard-Lines
• Pre-formed Lines

• Electrical Connectors
• PVC Pipe and Tubing
• Fittings
• Copper Pipes and Lines


Q: Can Conduit Covers be reused?
A: No, once the tie strap is cut to remove the bag from the conduit end, it cannot be reused.  The primary function of our product is to prevent contamination ingression and maintain a high standard of sanitation.  Reusability would likely cause contamination and negate the purpose of the Conduit Cover.

Q: Are Conduit Covers environmentally recyclable?
A: Yes, Conduit Covers are manufactured from low density polyethylene, while the tie strap is made from 6/6 nylon.

Q: Can Conduit Covers be used for storage devices?
A: Yes, we have found through customer feedback that our products work great during the disassembly process when fasteners need to be stored and located.  Our customers fill the bags with fasteners and parts removed from the particular job their working on then tie them around something local to that job.

Q: What sizes do you offer?
A: We offer a 4-inch wide cover, an 8-inch wide cover and a 12-inch wide cover.  These are intended to protect the following maximum opening sizes:

Conduit Cover Max. Opening Protection
4" x 5" 2.45 Inches
8" x 8" 5 Inches
12' x 12" 7.5 Inches

Q: Would petroleum products dissolve or degrade the Conduit Covers bags?
A: No, the Conduit Covers bags are made from a proprietary low density polyethylene which are resistant to oils and solvents.

Q: Will Conduit Covers hold oil?
A: Under most conditions, Conduit Covers will hold petroleum liquids not under pressure as long as the volume of liquid does not exceed the volume of the bag
after installation.  The opening of the Conduit Cover bag must be in an upward position.  Oftentimes, once a system is drained and a hose or line removed, there is
still a small amount of oil that leaks out into the environment.  The Conduit Cover was designed to contain small amounts of residual liquid leakage to prevent ground contamination.

Q: How much heat can Conduit Covers withstand?
A: Low density polyethylene is rated up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the thickness and particular application of heat. Contact our customer support department for more detailed technical information.

Q: How are Conduit Covers packaged?
A: We package our covers in a heavy-duty, 4 mil slide-lock polyethylene bag that can be easily opened or closed.  Users simply slide the bag open to access the covers and slide the bag closed to protect the covers from external contamination. Furthermore, the unique and flexible slide seal bag can be easily stored and toted.

Q: Do you have custom capabilities?
A: Sure, contact our customer support department to discuss the range of our customizing options.

Ordering Questions

Q: Do you have a price list?
A: If you need pricing please give our sales team a call at 1-800-513-1618 for a quote.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: All Conduit Covers have a minimum order quantity of 6 packs (300 bags) each.

Q: Do you have a return policy?
A: Yes, we have a 30 day money back guarantee defined in the return policy.

Q: Do you provide discounts on volume orders?
A: Yes, call our sales team at 1-800-513-1618 for volume discount considerations.

Q: Do you offer credit terms?
A: Yes, we offer net 30 day terms subject to credit approval.

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