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Conduit Covers




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The Alternative to Plastic Caps & Plugs!

Conduit Coverssm - A Universal Cap and Plug for

Hoses, Pipes, Lines, Fittings and Connectors



Conduit Covers protect against contamination ingression and environmental damage.

Save $$ by reducing labor and inventory costs


Fits almost any exposed opening


Easy to install and remove


Environmentally friendly


FREE sampler kit!


We provide short-term alternative solutions to capping and plugging open lines. Conduit Covers' products quickly and effectively cover the ends of all types of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings, and connectors for the purpose of preventing contamination ingression and environmental damage.  Designed as a short-term protection tool, these innovative products are often described as the universal cap and plug.


Conduit Covers' patented products are applicable for a variety of industries.  Our unique approach to protecting openings and sensitive connectors against debris and moisture has already gained a loyal following.


What a great idea!  Conduit Covers enabled us to exceed our stringent contamination control requirements and goals. This is one of the best products we have for contamination control due to its ease of use. 


Jim Champany, General Service Manager Hawthorne Machinery, San Diego Caterpillar Dealer




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